Five Money-Saving Tips to Help You Out This Winter

“Just put another layer on”

These are the famous words we tell ourselves before we put the heating on… But sometimes, the five layers of jumpers and blankets just don’t cut it!

It’s that time of year when we’re waiting for the grand heating switch on. With the cost of energy increasing each day, many people in the UK are postponing heating their homes as it is becoming too expensive. But fear not. Envo Energy has come to the rescue to give you five of our best money-saving tips to help you live more comfortably over this winter season.


It’s all in the curtains!

We all know we lose much of our home’s heat through our windows. Warm air inside our homes releases energy through the window as it tries to escape becoming cold and sinking to the bottom of the room. This is why preventing heat loss through our windows is a great way to keep your home warmer for longer- not to mention keeping your heating bills low.

Thermal curtains are a fantastic way to prevent heat from escaping your windows. Although they require an upfront cost for the initial purchase- you will see the effects on your heating bills in no time! The thicker curtains will create a more insulated room and maintain heat throughout the room.

Another tip is that if you don’t want to buy thermal curtains, then it is a good idea to keep your curtains shut to prevent heat loss. However, thermal curtains may be more effective.


Are your ventilation systems clean?

An easy tip would be to check that your ventilation systems are not disrupted by dirt or debris. Otherwise, this can prevent warm air from accessing your home. Ensure that no furniture is blocking any vents and stopping warm air from entering and circulating around your home. This may seem like a tedious task, however, the results are worth it!


Sealing your doors, walls and windows

Filling holes in your doors, walls, and windows is a highly affordable and effective way to keep your home warm during the winter season. Head down to your local DIY shop, pick up some caulk or weatherstripping, and use it to fill in any small gaps in and around your walls, doors, and windows. You can keep the cold air outside warm inside your home.

Don’t forget! Even the most minor gaps can let cold air into your home and allow warm air to escape, so it is essential to seal them up.


Set your thermostat lower when you’re not sleeping!

It may be wise to invest in a programmable thermostat. This allows you to set a timer for your heating and gives you the freedom to control it whilst you are not at home.

Program when you want your heating to come on beforehand to prevent you from leaving your heating on all day when you don’t need it! This also means you can set it to a lower temperature while sleeping, which will help you save a substantial amount on your energy bills. Make sure you set your thermostat at a comfortable temperature before you get home, so you don’t return to a cold house.


The classic… “just put another layer on!”

We all know this one too well, but investing in items such as thermal socks, hot water bottles, and even an electric blanket can help you save money. This can help you to maintain a comfortable temperature whilst not turning your heating up too high. An electric blanket is a much cheaper way to warm yourself up without heating your whole home, and it’s a much more affordable solution.

For more energy-saving tips and tricks, visit our blog page to see how you can heat your home for less this winter!